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      English > Business Scope
        Our translation service involves all fields of social life, including foreign trade, finance, law, IT, telecommunication, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, medicine and construction and we boasts a excellent rich-experienced team to translate document such as user’s manual, operation instructions, patent technology, construction schedule and feasibility report, etc.
        Technical documents: computer, electric power, telecom, telecom equipment, energy source, transportation, machinery, electronics, medical equipment, construction engineering, construction decoration, project biding, environmental protection, automobile, bioengineering, medicine, cosmetics, tourism and food, etc.
        Law/business documents: certificate of incorporation, articles of association, project feasibility report, business license, investment analysis, proper right assignment, agreement, contract, evaluation report, financial statements, audit report, road -show information of list company, credit certificate from bank, diploma, notarial deed, letter of attorney, certificate of registered permanent residence, certificate of house property, driver’s license and certificate of marriage, etc.
        Others: information for immigration, resume, score report, letters and applications, etc. 
        Literature: poem, assay, play book, short story, music paper, etc.
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