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      English > Confidentiality
       As a professional translation company, it is our obligation to keep confidentiality commitment. Strict confidentiality system has been established in the Center to treat as confidentiality all information received or obtained from the customers.


      1.Term of confidentiality: we hereby undertake that all information received or obtained from the customer, if no special requirement received from the customer, shall be kept for one (1) months or kept until the customer’s acceptance of translation is over. After the above mentioned time limit, all the customer’s document shall be deleted. The document may be kept as required by the customer.


      2. Confidentiality: we hereby undertakes that we shall treat as strictly confidential all information including technical information and trade secret received or obtained from the customer which is not yet made public by the customer.


      3.Intellectual Property: we hereby undertake that the intellectual property of the customer’s document belongs to the customer and we shall not disclose, reprint or use for other purposes without the customer’s permission.

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