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      English > Job Opportunity
       We recruit competent English translators and interpreters as well as part-time translators of various languages for long time. Competent or experienced translators with a strong sense of responsibility are preferred. Adhering to the principle of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit, we will provide competent translators and interpreters all over the world with opportunity of career development.


      The applicants are required to send resumes to fxy73107@126.com and we will arrange trial translation or interview as soon as possible.


      Tel: 0756-3321408,3369457


      Fax:  0756-3369457


      E-mail: fxy73107@126.com


      MSN: fxy73107@126.com


      QQ: 564529197


      Website:http://www.zhljl. com


      Add: Room 3B, Bldg 21, No.58 E. Shihua Road, Jida, Zhuhai City, China

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