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       Zero Distance for Your Communication with the World


        Historically, translation served as a bridge between China and the rest of the world to link and promote the cultural and economical exchanges. Today, with China’s entry into WTO, translation has become increasingly important. Prompt and accurate translation cleans up the language barrier, promotes communication and cooperation and helps you win every business opportunity.


        Established in 2003, Zhuhai Zero Distance Translation Center is a professional translation company registered with Zhuhai Industrial and Commercial Administration and it is specialized in providing customers with quality and efficient translation service. The Company enjoys high reputation among customers of all walks from Zhuhai, Macao, Hong Kong and other cities in China. It has developed stable long-time cooperation relation with many big companies and governmental organizations.


        Translation from the Company has legal effect for institutions, entities, schools from home and abroad, consulates in China, juridical authorities, notary offices, industrial and commerce administrations, State Administration of Foreign Exchange and Customs, etc.


        We always give first priority to quality for we know it is the root on which our Company grows. We boast a professional team of competent and experienced translators in different fields and they are the guarantee of quality.


        We will continue to offer you top and accurate translation to contribute to your success. Our quality translation and considerate service deserve your trust!


        Zero Distance Translation Center promotes your communication with the World!

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