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      On the eastern and western banks of the Modaomen Waterway where the Pearl River flows into the ocean lives an ethnic group named Dan Min, or boat-dwellers, who are mainly engaged in aquaculture and fishery. While flowing into the ocean, along with the Pearl River water, large amounts of soil and sand settled here, thus forming hundreds of square kilometers of Shatian (namely sand field) water land. Ever since the Eastern Jin Dynasty, these boat-dwellers have been thriving for generations upon generations on this piece of sand land and forming the unique customs and cultures of their own. 


      This documentary is entitled “Shatian Household” and its main theme was based on the efforts made by a descendant of Dan Min, Wu Jinxi in collecting, sorting and spreading the Shatian folk songs. The plot is also based on a side theme which depicts how Mr Wu’s wife Tan Jinhuan has attended to her one-day teacher Cai Manyi. This documentary tells an extraordinary story of a Shatian household from the cultural angle with a multitude of vivid details and facts.


      The hero, Wu Jinxi, who was a descendant of “Dan Min” and had only finished his first year secondary schooling, grew a special fond of the local culture. What is worth mentioning is that he pursued the Shatian folk songs, which have been popular for more than 1000 years, for over 40 years. Using his spare time, he set his footsteps to the doors of singers of Shatian folk songs in such areas as Zhuhai and Zhongshan to ensure the tones, lyrics are accurate and vivid. He had more than 1100 Shatian folk songs published and they had been collected and sorted by him after his retirement and he compiled the first “Collection of Shatian folk songs”.


      Having worked on grassroot level for many years, Wu Jinxi assumed such work posts as the Director of Nanping Township Wired Broadcasting station, Chief of Culture Station and Chief of Labor Station. Currently, he is the Vice Chairperson of Zhuhai Association of Folk Artists and member of the Expert Group of Intangible Cultural Heritage. But his identity is still a farmer.

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