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      小說翻譯:重梵帝國 (節選)

      時間:2020-02-05 14:21來源:原創 作者:珠海翻譯公司 點擊:

      小說文學資料英語翻譯    珠海翻譯   珠海翻譯公司

      Brahma Empire  Cang Lang School  Outer Court
      Outer Court, Cang Lang School, Outer Court
      The noises and jeering gradually fade away in the background.
      Shen Fang is in a semi-coma state, his head is soaked with blood, his body is half bent and convulsive, and the mat on the bed is crumpled his mat.
      Just a while ago he was beaten and bullied by a group of people, with only one of the maids crying for help.
      He was nearly killed by a wooden stick.
      Even though he was seriously injured, no one came to save him. The men cast him like a wild dog, and let him die alone, and no one paid attention to him.
      “If it was six months ago, would they have dared to touch me?”
      A voice screamed reluctantly in Shen Fang’s heart.
      The courtyard was silent, and not a soul was around. Leaving only the sound of the leaves rubbing against the window.
      His limbs convulsed, and the pain in his head gradually felt numb. Drifting in and out of unconsciousness, some of his memories passed through his head like smoke.
      This was not Shen Fang early life story.
      He was born to a distinguished family, and his grandfather was a respected Commander in Chief commanding the frontier army of the Brahma Empire.
      At the time, his was escorted by body guards wherever he went. He managed his family business and was enrolled to be a disciple of Cang Lang School, a well known martial art school.
      His life seemed easy and it was as if he was destined to rule everything in the world. 
      But suddenly misfortune and calamity struck.
      Six months ago, Shen's family was framed by a political enemy. Everyone in the family including the young and old were murdered one night. Only his identity as a disciple of Cang Lang School
      helped him escape.
      His wealth, rank, and social status vanished in an instant.
      Shen Fang suppressed growing hatred in his heart during this period, and buried himself in work, hoping training hard in his studies would help him succeed at avenging for his family one day.

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