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      Tan Jinhuan, Wu Jinxi’s wife, is a traditional and kind-hearted woman. In mid-50s of the last century, she, a mother of two children, met the Director of Teaching Affairs of her primary school in Nanping. When she learned that Teacher Cai had been widowed for many years and was childless, an idea occurred that she would take care of her teacher. Beginning from then, the destiny between this teacher and her student took roots in this ordinary household of Shatian and it was to last for 30 years.


      In 2000, Teacher Cai Manyi, who had not given Tan Jinhuan even a single lesson, broke her two thigh bones consecutively. Seeing she had no one to attend to her needs, Tan Jinhuan took her home and attended to her meticulously for over 7 years.


      Tan Jinhuan’s deeds of taking care of her former teacher not only moved her husband Wu Jinxi, but also touched the residents of Zhuhai City. Consequently, Tan Jinhuan was awarded the 2007 Zhuhai First Public Welfare Prize.


      It is just a series of vivid stories of such Shatian households like this elderly couple that compose the harmonic music symbols of our society.


      During the past 30 years of reform and opening up, experiencing the profound changes on this piece of land, the elderly couple of Wu Jinxi and his wife injected connotation of the new era to Shatian folk songs. Standing on this piece of land, the locals of Shatian not only sing in praise of their new life with language and songs, but they also sing their songs of life with their spirits and love.

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